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China’s Forced ‘Covid’ Lockdowns Are Causing Residents to STARVE

According to reports, the latest Covid-19 lockdown in the Chinese city of Xi’an is so strict that locals are now reportedly starving to death as a result.

China’s “zero-covid” policy is making it difficult for many Chinese people, especially those in Xi’an, to continue putting food on the table.

The city is said to be ground zero for the latest covid outbreak. Reportedly, the final week of 2021 saw infection numbers rise to their highest levels since the start of the pandemic in March 2020.

An estimated 13 million people live in Xi’an, and most of them are believed to be fully vaccinated. However, the latest “variant” of covid is spreading rapidly, according to the government, which decided that the best way to deal with the spread of infection is to lock everyone prisoner inside their homes.

The restrictions mean that residents are not allowed to leave for any reason, which means that they are relying on the government to bring them food. Unsurprisingly, this setup is not turning out well for those confined to their homes with no way out.

Previously, one person from every household was permitted to leave their home to buy food every two days. In response to rising case numbers, the rules were tightened.

Since the lockdown has been imposed, the daily case numbers have apparently declined.

Areas of the city determined to be “low risk” will slowly be able to leave their houses to buy essential items, as long as they can provide a negative test result. Although, those stuck in “high risk” areas will be left to starve.

On Weibo, which is China’s social media equivalent to Facebook, Xi’an residents have shared stories about themselves or loved ones who are struggling to eat and crying out for help.

One resident posted: “I’m about to be starved to death.”

“There’s no food, my housing compound won’t let me out, and I’m about to run out of instant noodles … please help!” wrote another.

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