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Tracking the shipment of goods from China – Is that also possible?

China has increasingly become an economic power in recent years. In the technology and automotive sectors, Chinese companies are catching up more and more and are providing strong competition to European and American companies. In addition, more and more Chinese companies are entering the sphere of e-commerce and delighting customers from all over the world. Since production costs in China are usually many times cheaper, products from the East are also characterized by unbeatable prices. No wonder, then, that more and more people are using the World Wide Web to have goods from China delivered directly to their doorsteps.

Nevertheless, studies from 2019 show that a delivery has not arrived for around half of online shoppers who have made purchases in the last six months. And since China is located at a great distance from European climes, the likelihood of a package getting lost increases. For this reason, shipment tracking systems have been developed to guarantee the tracking of goods. But can this technology also be used with Chinese goods?

How to track packages shipped from China?

Thanks to the continuous development of e-commerce, it is now possible to order products from all corners of the world. Nevertheless, delivery options differ from supplier to supplier. For example, even in 2022, an online retailer may not deliver to the UK.


If the delivery option is given, it is usually possible to track the package. But beware! Chinese providers who advertise “free shipping” often resort to the cheapest transport. This means that tracking can be very inaccurate and that the goods are in transit for a long time. Conclusions about the service can be drawn with the tracking number. This typically consists of one letter, 9 numbers and 2 letters.

The best website to track a package from China

A reliable shipping company is Yun Express. The company is one of the largest freight companies in China, specializing in cross-border e-commerce. Through its 9 logistics centres and warehouses in various other European, Asian and North American countries, Yun Express ensures that the goods reach the recipient quickly and reliably.


The progress and exact location of the delivery can of course be checked with a sophisticated tracking system. Customers only need the tracking number, which consists of 2 letters – YT – and 16 numbers. This not only allows the exact delivery time to be calculated, but also reduces the number of lost packages many times over.


Do you have any questions about Yun Express? Our service staff is at your disposal and will answer all your questions concerning “Shipping” and “Tracking”. Contact us!

What kind of shipping speed is available?

The delivery time of the packages is highly dependent on the chosen provider. While high-performance companies manage to deliver the cargo from the warehouse to the desired address in as little as five working days, other transport companies take a long time. Thus, it is possible that the order sometimes arrives at the destination only after several months. 

You can use the following designations for reference:

  • Registered: This option is available in countless countries and makes tracking of the delivery possible.
  • Unregistered: If you want to save money, you can use this method. No delivery details are shared with the buyer, and the goods can often take several weeks to arrive.
  • Priority: For urgently needed products, one should resort to this shipping method. Depending on the delivery address, the package can arrive after a few days.
  • Express: The fastest and most expensive option. Normally, customers receive their goods within two business days.

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