Posted by Richard Willett - Memes and headline comments by David Icke Posted on 11 January 2022

Un-fake-vaccinated Northern Territory Australians not even allowed to go to work despite just ONE (alleged) ‘Covid’ death being recorded in 22 months

Australians living in the Northern Territory who have chosen not to get the experimental Covid-19 vaccine are currently not even allowed to leave their homes to go to work thanks to Chief Minister Michael Gunner imposing a discriminatory four day lockdown of the unvaccinated.

But is this authoritarian policy justified?

On Thursday 6th January, Michael Gunner announced that those living in the Northern Territory who have not had two coronavirus vaccine doses will only be able to leave their homes under strict conditions.

These include for essential shopping, for medical treatment, including vaccination, or to provide care.

Chief Minister Michael Gunner said those who have not been vaccinated are also banned from going outside to work or exercise.

The ‘lockout’ is supposed to end at 12pm on Monday 10th January, at which point Chief Minister Michael Gunner has claimed a vaccination passport system is set to be introduced.


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