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Investing In Bitcoins- Is It A Profitable Investment Option?

Looking forward to diving deeper into cryptocurrency investment? As such, investing in cryptocurrencies could be one of the easiest ways for that. Previously, people used to invest in stocks and buy shares of different companies as an investment. However, with the advancement of technological aspects, digital currency moved past the stock market quickly and continues to rise till date. 


Making proper use of the cryptocurrency investment, there are chances for investors to make a massive profit. However, it is no doubt the dreams and fantasies of becoming a millionaire through investment also include a bucket full of risk. You must have noticed the fluctuations in the price of every cryptocurrency, especially bitcoin. But have you ever thought about why bitcoin has a volatile value? Read on to know further to know more about the vital aspects.

  • Influencers Play A Huge Role

Price fluctuation is a common phenomenon whether it is investing in the share market or the digital currency. Do you know why fluctuation is quite normal on these digital trading platforms? 


As everyone targets the same coin, the value gets the more significant push. Likewise, the price immediately drops when the influencers and other followers sell their holding. This way, the volatility of cryptocurrencies shows up in the picture. Bitcoin may undeniably seem to be profitable but, at the end of the day, the digital asset has a greater risk due to its frequent price fluctuating value.

  • Functions Without Any Regulation

When it comes to investing in bitcoin or other cryptocurrencies, you should know that the cryptocurrencies never function based on government regulations. . As the currency stays anonymous, many countries have still not legalized crypto investment. But, significant countries are into digital currencies, and several investors worldwide choose bitcoin to invest freely. 


Unlike share, equity, etc., cryptocurrencies aren’t controlled by any governing body. This factor becomes ideal for investors to invest a more significant amount with ease. As a result, this leads to more enthusiastic investors showing interest in investing in digital currencies at bitcoin evolution.  


  1. Risk of Looking Money Since crypto is in the market, its investment has increased multiple folds. People have started selling stocks and entered into digital currencies to earn big quickly. Moreover, investing in crypto isn’t rocket science; hence, even young investors are a part of it. It may not be challenging to invest, but it has the highest risk of losing money within seconds. 


Those who invest a hefty amount in any cryptocurrency like bitcoin face the bitter truth of digital currency sometimes. However, the fear shows up in the faces of cryptocurrency investors which makes them think twice to reinvesting in bitcoin. When such big investors leave the market, the volatility in value comes into the scene. So, bitcoin may offer you big, but it comes with sudden losses too. 


  1. Supply Is Limited 

Cryptocurrency is a digital currency that is available in a limited quantity. For example, bitcoin has a supply limit of 21 million, while Litecoin comes with a supply limit of 84 million. The supply limit usually differs between different cryptocurrencies in the digital currency market, which is a significant cause of volatility in the value. 


If we talk about Bitcoin, it has considerable demand, however, it has alimited supply. As cryptocurrencies are digital assets, the supply and demand of currencies cause fluctuations in their value. Moreover, alongside limited stock, a few investors have a significant holding in Bitcoin that reduces the supply for new investors. 

  • Frequent Price FluctuationCauses Panic

Drop-in price is another major cause for fluctuations in bitcoin price for which financial investors often get panicked. As we know, the bitcoin value is volatile, and it can suddenly see a significant drop. But, with such a drop, it takes time to rise to the original positions. Have you ever thought about how such big drops come? 


Final Words

At the end of the day, easy money comes with more significant risks which should be kept in mind. When it comes to cryptocurrency, it is a prominent example of such possible investment risks. Considering that involved risk factor, as an investor, you should be aware of maintaining all your invested assets with utmost care and attention.


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