Posted by Gareth Icke - memes and headline comments by David Icke Posted on 9 January 2022

Mistrial Possible for Ghislaine Maxwell, Pal of Dead Pedophile Jeffrey Epstein

While everyone was fretting about a less-lethal COVID variant, January 6, rising inflation, and a host of other issues, you can see how this trial would be buried in the news. Also, the liberal media would probably do so regardless since it could place some very powerful members in trouble, namely a ton of Democrats, including Bill Clinton. Ghislaine Maxwell was recently found guilty for aiding her indicted dead pedophile pal Jeffrey Epstein in procuring teenage girls and sex trafficking. Epstein was well-known among wealthy and powerful circles and the circumstances of his death via suicide (allegedly) in August of 2019 still have people talking. No one believes that he killed himself especially after the reports of guests being recorded and taped. Yet, we could be heading towards a mistrial for Maxwell after a juror revealed he was abused as a child (via NYT):

Federal prosecutors on Wednesday asked the judge who oversaw Ghislaine Maxwell’s sex-trafficking trial to investigate the process by which one of the jurors was chosen, after he told news outlets he was a sexual abuse victim and had discussed his experience during deliberations.

The prosecutors’ request, in a letter filed with the court, raised the possibility of additional inquiry into how jurors who voted to convict Ms. Maxwell had been selected and the prospect of Ms. Maxwell’s lawyers moving to have a mistrial declared in the closely watched case.

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