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‘Covid’ Response is the Biggest Crime in History – A Call on the 1922 Committee for Justice

The ever-increasing number of vaccine products being pressed upon the global community is one of the most important political issues in the world today, Elizabeth Hart says.

She goes on to say that there must be an investigation into how the vaccine industry, governments, NGOs and others are intruding into peoples’ lives with an increasing number of these medical interventions. Vaccination is being used to impose medical tyranny, which is becoming more acute with calls for mandatory coronavirus vaccination in response to the SARS-CoV-2 virus and Covid-19.

Elizabeth Hart self describes as an “independent person investigating the over-use of vaccine products and conflicts of interest in vaccination policy.”

“I am challenging the increasing number of questionable vaccines and repeat vaccinations being foisted upon children, adults and animals by the burgeoning and unfettered vaccine industry.  There’s a ‘big picture’ on lucrative over-vaccination which needs to be examined,” she says.

In a message reposted by Robin Monotti, Hart said:

“The Covid-19 response has been a disaster, with enormous amounts of money and resources squandered on highly questionable PCR tests, ‘leaky vaccines’, masks, electronic surveillance etc; along with the massive economic and social costs of lockdowns and restrictions.

“It’s now time to investigate how this happened and seek accountability.

In this regard, please see below my email to Graham Brady, Chairman of the 1922 Committee, UK Conservative Party.”

The 1922 Committee, also known as “the 22”, is a committee of all backbench Conservative MPs. It is an influential group who can call a vote of no confidence if 15% of the parliamentary party write a letter calling for the vote. At the end of November 2021 letters of no confidence in Boris Johnson were submitted and in mid-December Tory MPs were told they can email letters of no confidence over Christmas.

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