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How to Write a Facility Maintenance Resume Summary

A resume summary is a sentence or two that summarises your work experience. You can use it to catch an employer’s attention when applying for jobs and make sure they are interested in reading the rest of your resume.  If you’re looking for a job and are wondering what a professional resume looks like, here are some tips on how to write a practical facility maintenance resume summary.

Introduce Yourself

The first sentence of your resume summary should introduce yourself and tell the reader what you do. For example, I’m a facility maintenance technician with over five years of experience.

Outline your Skills and Experience

It’s important to highlight some of your skills and experience in this part. List any certifications you have that may apply to the position and your work experience and a brief description of what you learned. For example

Your skills can include:

  • HVAC maintenance and repairs
  • Pest control
  • Machine operation, i.e. tractors
  • Landscaping etc.

For example, I’m experienced in building and maintaining a variety of facilities. I’m certified in HVAC and electrical and have successfully installed large-scale heating systems for multi-story office buildings.

Highlight any Awards or Accolades

If you’ve won awards, received high marks on evaluations, or received recognition for excellent work, this is the place to mention them.

For example, I received recognition as an outstanding employee and received accolades from my company and clients on several occasions.

Explain why you’re the best fit for the Job 

This is your chance to convince the employer you’re the best candidate for the job. Use this section to express interest in what the company does and how you can contribute.

For example, I am passionate about working with large-scale facilities like yours that positively impact the environment. I feel confident that my work experience and skills match what you are looking for, so please consider me as a candidate.

Include Your Contact Information

For example, you can reach me at 555-555-5555, or my email is [email protected].

Provide a List of References

Liaise with friends and professional references who can attest to your work ethic, reliability, and skills.

For example, I have provided my references below:

  • Joe Smith
  • Dr Jane Doe
  • Sally Jones

List your previous employers 

  • Company name

  • Start date – End date (if you are still employed there)
  • Job title and your responsibilities at that job
  • Reason for leaving the job (if applicable)

Why is a Facility Maintenance Resume Summary Important?

Picture this, what is that first impression you give when a potential employer reads your resume? Is it the summary at the top of your resume? This question is tricky because there are so many opinions on what a good one looks like. Having a well-written and concise summary can help because it gives employers a glimpse of what you can do.

A facility maintenance resume summary is a great way to set yourself apart from the rest of the candidates applying for a job. You will be able to highlight your skills and experiences in a way that makes you stand out from everyone else. It’s important not to make this section too long, but also equally important not to make it too short either. An industrial maintenance resume summary is vital because it’ll give the hiring manager a good idea of how much you know about the job. This could make the manager see industrial management jobs near me and place you in one of the openings.


What’s the Best Format for Writing a Facility Maintenance Resume Summary?

I’m sure you have thought about this question before. You may like the idea of writing a resume summary that’s more like an article or blog post. You may also choose to write it in bullet points or list format. Each of these methods may work, but I’ll give you some examples of how to write a resume summary that makes you stand out from the rest.

Write an Engaging Resume Summary 

The best way to write a resume summary that will get your foot in the door is to make it engaging and exciting. If you can do this, then hiring managers won’t be able to ignore your resume. You need to grab the attention of hiring managers by writing a summary that is both interesting and engaging.

Use Keywords to Highlight your Skills

You should also make sure you use keywords in your resume. These are words related to what you have done in your career and what the company is looking for. For example, if they hire someone to work with large-scale facilities like factories, you should use the word “factory” or “industrial.” If they are looking for someone with experience working with gas and oil, you should use those words.


To write a resume summary that will help you stand out from the rest, be sure to highlight what makes you a good candidate. Use keywords that highlight your skills and experience. If you follow these tips, then a hiring manager will want to meet with you in person. What are you waiting for? Write your resume summary today.


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