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Cult-owned to his DNA unelected Italian Prime Minister Mario Draghi continues to tighten screw on un-fake-vaxxed because he’s a fascist owned by other fascists

For non-working people, the latest measures will enter into force immediately after being published in the country’s official gazette, and for public and private workers, the enforcement will start from February 15, reports Xinhua news agency.

The measures are valid until June 15.

The new package was unanimously approved by Prime Minister Mario Draghi’s cabinet and came only days after the introduction of more relaxed quarantine rules for vaccinated people and tighter restrictions for unvaccinated people.

Vaccination has so far been mandatory for some categories of workers, namely health care and school staff, police forces and military.

University staff of all ages is the latest addition to the mandatory vaccination list.

Not all parties in the government coalition agreed to the strict line, which has affected unvaccinated workers currently allowed to enter their workplace by only showing a negative test within 48 hours.

Among other rules, a “normal” green pass — proof of vaccination, recovery, and a negative test — would be required to enter public space like offices, banks, post offices, and non-essential shops.

The tightening came as Italy registers a new spike in Covid-19 infections mainly driven by the rampant spread of the Omicron variant.

Over 189,000 new cases were registered on Wednesday, setting a new daily record in the country, according to the Health Ministry.

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