Posted by Roger Mallett Posted on 6 January 2022

The Extreme Tyranny Today Has Been Caused by Mass Voluntary Compliance

“A people enslaves itself, cuts its own throat, when, having a choice between being vassals and being free men, it deserts its liberties and takes on the yoke, gives consent to its own misery, or, rather, apparently welcomes it.”

“But O, good Lord! What strange phenomenon is this? What name shall we give it? What is the nature of this misfortune? What vice is it, or, rather, what degradation? To see an endless multitude of people not merely obeying, but driven to servility? Not ruled, but tyrannized over? These wretches have no wealth, no kin, nor wife nor children, not even life itself that they can call their own.”

Étienne de La Boétie, “The Politics of Obedience”

Who among you has no master? Who among you is not a slave? How can so many be ruled by so few? A huge preponderance of all societies cannot negate these questions, for there can be no certain answer or honesty from obedient and irresponsible fools. Ignorance is no excuse, cowardice is shameful, and indifference is immoral. Mankind has sunk to his lowest level, but compliant commoners fear not. The enslavement of billions at the hands of a few evil masters will allow the collective to wallow in self pity together; solidifying their happiness with their own servitude. For all of you who submit to orders, for all of you who have willingly given up your freedom, this is the bleak future you are building for yourselves and your children.

If you find these words harsh, so be it, for you are the cause of this madness; you are the cause of all this pain. Those with the ability to fight but unwilling to do so for their own freedom, are not worthy of empathy. The weakness of the human crowd has always been with us, but never at any level that is evident today. The human condition has deteriorated to such a miserable state as to be sickening. We are witnessing universal apathy at work. Watching millions, and even billions, bow to false authority in the face of extreme tyranny; tyranny that is levied only by the very few, is astounding. It is astounding not because it is unique or of value in any way, but because it is so horribly pathetic to watch.

The soul-less among us who have chosen to attempt total rule have succeeded at every turn, but they are not the real problem. They are however, now openly coming after all children, and plan to inject deadly poison into every child possible. This could never happen in any competent or moral society, but common love of family, self-defense, and morality have it seems, disappeared from view. What kind of parent would allow this to happen? Open toxic experimentation using children is now accepted policy by much of the population, and even with just minor threat or inconvenience, a high percentage could be injected with a bio-weapon with the blessing of those charged with protecting their own. By simply saying no, and standing by that decision, this atrocious plot to destroy children for life could be stopped. But will the sheep stop it? At this point, any mass uprising and refusal to allow this madness to continue seems far removed from the minds of this robotic and compliant proletariat.

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