Posted by Richard Willett - Memes and headline comments by David Icke Posted on 4 January 2022

Cult-owned BBC first with the news again: Cinema & Co flouted ban to show Ickonic conspiracy film (on December 4th!). Hilarious. ‘Journalist’ (joke) Rhys Williams condemns the film while knowing nothing about it and as always professional transatlantic censor Imran Ahmed and his gofer Callum Hood sing for their supper. I’ll debate you BOTH live on any radio or TV station you like chaps

A cinema that was ordered to close after breaking Covid rules flouted the ban to premiere a film by the son of conspiracy theorist David Icke.

Swansea’s Cinema & Co was ordered to shut by a judge after boss Anna Redfern breached several Covid regulations.

Redfern, 45, was also fined £15,000 and given a suspended prison sentence for contempt of court.

But she admitted showing a film making serious unfounded allegations against the NHS after the first court order.

Directed and produced by Mr Icke’s son Jaymie, it makes several baseless accusations against NHS doctors and nurses, including that they are deliberately killing elderly people in hospitals in order to “boost the numbers” of people dying of Covid.

The film was described as “completely false”, “pernicious” and “dangerous” by the head of research for the Center for Countering Digital Hate (CCDH).

Redfern told BBC Wales: “If the BBC has any concerns regarding the content of the documentary’s premiere we screened A Good Death? I suggest that they discuss them with the production company.

“Firstly, Cinema & Co does not practise censorship.

“Secondly, caring for my mother at the end of her life and reflecting upon my own mortality, I have given a great deal of consideration as to what constitutes a ‘good death’ and found the film very thought provoking.

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