An environmental psychologist has been made an MBE for her research into public perception of the climate crisis and shifting patterns of consumer behaviour.© Provided by Evening Standard Prof Lorraine WhitmarshProfessor Lorraine Whitmarsh, from the University of Bath was recognised in the New Year Honours list for her work in areas including meat consumption, energy use, waste reduction and low-carbon technologies.

Prof Whitmarsh is also the director of the Centre for Climate Change and Social Transformations (CAST) – a collaboration between academics at the universities of Cardiff, Manchester, York, East Anglia and Bath and charity Climate Outreach.

In 2021, she joined the Climate Crisis Advisory Group, which advises policymakers on strategies for the shift to a net zero future.

It is encouraging that the role of the social sciences in tackling rising temperatures is recognised and valued in this way

Professor Lorraine Whitmarsh

Prof Whitmarsh advises on how the Government can help the public switch to low-carbon behaviours, as well as on climate change communication.

In the past year, she was part of research that found low-carbon travel policies coupled with measures to better insulate our homes could save the NHS £17 billion over the next two decades.