Posted by Gareth Icke - memes and headline comments by David Icke Posted on 31 December 2021

What happens when intelligent people have to work with utter morons. It isn’t pretty, but, hey, you could be them. Be thankful for your good fortune

Thank Christ today’s shift is over!!!

So it started off with walking into the office at today and found it had been sectioned off as half the previous shift had been sent home with ‘Covid’.

Next … all my colleagues are sat in the office doing [useless] Lateral Flow Tests on themselves … several of which returned positive and so half the team were sent home … they aren’t ill, the majority triple-vaxxed. We are now short staffed and dangerously short for tomorrow’s New Year’s Eve … great

The remaining few then discuss ‘Covid’ and this goes on and on and on and on … they were all discussing the new symptoms, including itching eyes. That tipped me over the edge. I went and made a brew and sat myself in an office literally taking shelter.

Peace is short lived and some of them come into the office and excitedly tell me about who’s got ‘Covid’ … to which I reply ‘Ok’ … and they are then visibly deflated..

Later (have to put my kit bag away in the store room) there’s an officer I’ve never met before who tells me to stay away from him – I’m literally thinking he must be covered in radioactive waste or something, but no … he goes on to tell me he might have ‘Covid’ … he’s done 5 lateral flow tests all negative but he feels like he has ‘Covid’ so is going home.

I’m now pouring myself a very large glass of wine at home.


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