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What are the most Popular Gated Communities in Dubai?

When looking for residential apartments, families always prefer a friendly neighborhood and are occupied by families. For one, it means that their children will find friends and people of their age to mingle with at home. Next, they always prefer gated communities over non-gated ones. Perhaps it builds a connection between co-occupants or perhaps it is the safety/ privacy considerations, etc. As a result, many gated communities have become very popular. Below are some of the most popular gated communities to live in, in Dubai. 

Note: gated in this context means a building that is fenced, with entrance gates.

  1. The Meadows: 

The meadows are one of the most popular gated communities to live in Dubai. Its tranquility attracts lovers of a peaceful atmosphere and a serene environment. It has 9 sub-communities with remarkable layouts and family-friendly facilities. The meadows have a strategic location, being in the center of New Dubai, and only a stone throw from the Jumeirah Lake Towers. It is also close to Dubai’s megacity towns and places. Its villas are spacious and you can find apartments of any bedroom size in the meadows (ranging from 3 to 6 bedrooms).

  1. Jumeirah Park

The Jumeirah Park is a 370 Hectares community that has great greenery, sports tracks, and a healthy environment for the neighborhood lifestyle. It is one of the best-gated communities to live in Dubai. You can easily access key facilities such as the Dubai International Airport, hospitals, schools, BBQ centers, and the Jumeirah Lake Towers. Properties in Palm Jumeirah are also within a few walk distance and can be reached easily from the Park.

  1. Arabian Ranches

The Arabian Ranches is one of the highest sort gated communities in Dubai. It comprises all-purpose buildings with apartments for both high and average-budget tenants. With about 4, 000 villas and state-of-the-art facilities, you can easily find something that suits you. It has 15 sub-communities, access to Dubai Marina, schools, and other crucial amenities. An apartment could cost between AED 85, 000 – AED, 1, 000, 000. 

  1. Mudon Community

Mudon is next on our list (Mudon means cities in Arabic). The Mudon Community Dubai is applauded for its 24hours tight security. It is voted one of the top gated residential buildings in Dubai. It has a wide road network and is interconnected with major areas in the main town. Although originally intended to model major cities in the Middle East, the Mudon community now comprises standalone 3, 4, and 5 bedroom apartments. The Mudon villas are open for both rentals and sales.  

  1. Al Safa Community

Enjoy luxury and serenity at the Al Safa community. Residents of Al Safa Community experience the Safa Park first hand. It is divided into 2 sub-communities and bordered by the Jumeirah community. Residents of this area experience the activities of Downtown Dubai effortlessly and can still link up with Dubai Marina and other key places in town. There is an array of options to choose from ranging from studio apartments to 1, 2, 3, to 5 bedroom apartments, independent villas, etc. 

  1. Dubai Hills Estate

You can rent an apartment in Dubai Hills Estate at AED 140, 000 or above. This gated community is the true definition of relaxation beyond the noise. It has lovable aesthetics, and all the facilities necessary for day-to-day living intact. The estate also provides families a haven against outside dangers as children could easily nest indoors, enjoy the playground and have fun without going too far away from the home.  

  1. The Springs

You can purchase a villa, penthouse, or bedroom apartment from the spring without much ado. It is one of the fast-selling gated communities in Dubai.

Other famous gated communities include Akoya Oxygen Community (easily referred to as a floral palace)Dubai Silicon Oasis which is in itself, a mini-city in the city of Dubai, and DAMAC Hills.

Are Gated Communities for Families only?

The answer is no. However, families prefer them because it is more private and secure for children. So, as a single person, there are other factors to consider before picking an apartment other than the gates.

Factors to Consider before picking an apartment

Are you facing the dilemma of choosing between a gated and non-gated apartment and wondering of what relevance a gate is? According to Ax Capital, families opt to rent from gated communities as opposed to singles who rarely consider the availability or otherwise of gates. Right now, it seems more of a trend, but you should consider your personal needs as opposed to the trend. What facilities are in the building and how much utility do they serve you as a person. For example, if the dilemma is between a gated and non-gated building ask yourself the crucial questions and pick the community that serves your interest better and promotes your day-to-day life.

Some of the factors to consider before picking an apartment include:

  1. The Location: The location of property matters. If you are not mobile then it makes sense to live in an apartment that is within reasonable distance to your workplace. If you own a car, then you should watch out for how easily navigable the place is to the main cities/ your workplace.
  2. Your Taste: People have different tastes and standards in life. Always consider your taste in apartments before making your choice. When it comes to picking a home, comfort is a paramount priority.
  3. Your Budget: Furthermore, you should check your pockets and ensure they agree with the proposed rent/ prices for the property you have in mind. This allows you to weigh your options and source for alternative funding on time.
  4. Compare and Contrast: It is not a wise move to pick the first-ever apartment that comes your way. The facilities may look awesome, but this is Dubai, you’d be shocked to find better apartments at the same prices.


Therefore, rent/ buy a property for the utility it offers. The gates should be an added advantage for you otherwise, you probably need an apartment elsewhere. 


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