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Trade World’s Top Cryptocurrencies and Tokenised Stocks on Currency.Com

The cryptocurrency market heavily depends on cryptoexchanges to be successful. Without them, acquiring cryptocurrencies would be a nightmare, especially for beginners. And centralized cryptoexchanges are the perfect way for investors to enter these volatile markets. They play a crucial role in this regard, as they provide crypto on-ramps and various payment and withdrawal methods for streamlined access to the markets. 

That being said, choosing the right cryptoexchange for your particular investment needs can be quite a challenge. There are dozens of factors to consider, such as security, payment methods, accessibility, regulations, user interface, just to name a few. In this article, we take a look at the trading platform, one of the few cryptoexchanges that allow you to use cryptocurrencies and trade them for tokenised exchange-traded assets. 

General Overview of is a tokenised exchange-traded asset cryptoplatform that was created to provide easy access to the cryptocurrency markets. Founded in 2018, it has offices in Belarus, the UK and Gibraltar. Moreover, the company-operator of the cryptoexchange is authorized by the Gibraltar Financial Services Commission, the Canadian FINTRAC and the US FinCEN. In Belarus, it is regulated by the 8th Decree on Development of Digital Economy and other Belorussian legislation.  

This implies that the cryptoexchange abides by the highest security standards in the industry. In addition, company-operator of the cryptoplatform has been audited by the reputable KPMG, proving that its activities are fully consistent with the law. 

More than just a cryptoexchange, offers a selection of tokenised assets to its customers. This means that users can trade equities, indices and commodities in tokenised form for both fiat and crypto. So not only can users buy crypto on, but they can also use it to trade tokenised gold or stocks and choose whether they want to withdraw profit in crypto or fiat. This makes it the ideal all-in-one platform for investors who wish to diversify their portfolios without having to switch between different trading platforms. 

How Can Benefit Clients

The cryptoexchange provides a wide variety of services to its clients. We already mentioned that it offers tokenised assets, which is an uncommon feature in this sector. In addition, there are dozens of useful features for beginner and advanced traders alike, including: 


  • More than 2,000 tokenised assets including tokenised stocks, bonds, commodities, market indices and many more 
  • Tokenised currencies markets 
  • A large choice of the top-traded cryptocurrencies
  • Up to 500x leverage for experienced traders, short-operations and long-operations included.
  • Lucrative affiliate program for community leaders 
  • A simple and effective interface for trading
  • Various trading order types to accommodate the most demanding traders 
  • Great choice of video tutorials, covering all the intricacies of its trading platform 
  • Both a web and mobile version of the platform, so you can trade on the go 


All in all, provides a full package and will accommodate everyone, regardless of their experience with trading. It goes from the simplest option where you can buy crypto with your credit card, to advanced trading techniques of trading tokenised assets using leverage. 

Benefits of Using the Cryptoplatform stands out above the crowd with the wide choice of markets it proposes to its users. There aren’t many cryptoexchanges around where you can trade bitcoins, tokenised gold or NASDAQ stock, and tokenised fiat currencies all in the same place. For traders who wish to diversify, there’s no better platform currently on the market. 


The trading interface is also powered by APIs that show live prices and allow you to display various indicators for finding the perfect entry and exit strategies. While simple on the surface, the UI provides advanced features for even the most demanding traders out there. 

And finally, the platform proposes a transparent fee structure for trading, deposits, and withdrawals. This way, you won’t ever have the nasty surprise of paying more than you expected when you interact with the platform in any way. It’s worth noting that the fees are on the lower side of the spectrum compared to the competition.

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