Posted by Gareth Icke - memes and headline comments by David Icke Posted on 30 December 2021

The lies are shocking: ‘Tell us true scale of ward cases’ – Row erupts as data shows a third of alleged ‘Covid’ patients are actually in hospital for reasons other than the ‘virus’

A row erupted over the Government’s Covid figures last night as it emerged almost one in three in hospital with the virus was admitted for unrelated reasons.

NHS statistics revealed the proportion of so-called ‘incidental’ coronavirusadmissions had risen to a record 29 per cent – sparking claims that official figures were misleading.

These cases are from patients taken to hospital for an unrelated reason, such as a fall or broken bone, who just happen to then discover they also have the virus.

It means thousands of those who are being counted as Covid admissions – which would suggest they are severely ill with the condition – are not actually suffering seriously with the virus.

Many only tested positive once they were on wards – and may have simply caught the virus while there.

It has raised concerns that the headline statistics – which drive Government decisions on restrictions and lockdowns – are overestimating how many people are dangerously sick with Covid.

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