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Down or Down Alternative? Which Filling Is Better for You?

Down or Down Alternative? Which Filling Is Better for You?

What should you do if it’s hot under the blanket and cold without it? If you’re sweating when you wallow, but when you take the blanket off, you get goosebumps from the cold? Our advice is to pick yourself a good and quality blanket! A correctly chosen blanket will put an end to your nightmares and turn your sleep into a paradise. How to choose the right blanket, and what is the best filling? Today’s article is devoted specifically to quilt fillings. Let’s decide which quilt is better, with a down or a down alternative?

Down Filler 

The very first material, which our ancestors used to fill the blankets with was down. Today down does not give up its position and remains one of the most popular filling types for blankets. Such products in terms of warmth prevail even over wool while maintaining airiness and lightness. In terms of the warmth to weight ratio of the product, down has no equals. A blanket with such a filling is a very comfortable and practical thing. You can wash it, roll it up and nothing will happen to it, the main thing is to let it dry and level after washing.

What kind of down is used in pattern comforter?

–       duck-down (the most popular and cheapest kind). If you are looking for a budget blanket, then you should pay attention to the products with a duck-down filler. It has many good qualities while having an adequate price;

–       swan (more expensive and less often used);

–       goose. Goose down is the highest quality and most valuable option. Compared with the others, it is softer, lighter, and more fluffy. It retains heat well and allows air to pass through. Moreover, it absorbs moisture well. But blankets made of such a filler are very expensive, which makes buyers not consider such a purchase option.

Alternative Down: What Is It?

Down alternative is an eco-friendly form of down that is a great substitute for traditional one. What is used to make such material? Usually, it consists of polyester microfiber (or as it is also called a high-quality and more expensive version of poly fiber.) At first glance, a down alternative can not be distinguished from products with real down, but the price for such is several times less. Such products do not create a greenhouse effect. Your blanket will maintain a comfortable temperature, create the necessary ventilation, will absorb and evaporate moisture. This type of filler is ideal for allergic people who can not tolerate down and wool. Also, eco-activists who are against the use of animals for human needs are fans of such a down substitute. If you are looking for a quality and warm blanket for a nice price, then we recommend that you pay attention to the patterned down alternative comforters.


To summarize, both fillers have their strengths and weaknesses. Each person must decide for himself which to choose. Organic and expensive down or cheaper, but no less quality down alternative. For the perfect bedding choices, we encourage you to contact our friends at LINENS & HUTCH.

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