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Fascist Mentally-Unstable (I repeat myself) New Orleans Forcing Children Ages 5-to-11 to Show Proof of Fake Vaccination to Enter Restaurants and Other Businesses

There is virtually no proof that children have been seriously affected or dying from the COVID-1984 or any of its so-called “variants”. People who refuse to take their children for COVID jabs are very wise. They should be applauded for not subjecting their children to experimental, unnecessary injections that have been proven to cause serious injury and death! — Truth Unmuted editor Jesse Smith

In response to increasing COVID-19 cases and the rise of a more infectious variant as the holidays and Carnival approach, Mayor LaToya Cantrell expanded New Orleans’ indoor vaccine or negative test requirement Thursday to children ages 5 to 11 and the New Orleans public school system mandated vaccination for students age 5 and older.

The indoor mandate will go into effect Jan. 3, when children will be required to show proof of at least one vaccine dose. On Feb. 1, four weeks before Mardi Gras, the requirement will be two doses. The school requirement goes into effect Feb. 1, Superintendent Henderson Lewis Jr. said.

New Orleans is the first city in the U.S. to announce a school vaccine requirement for children as young as five. Only Los Angeles United School District — the nation’s second largest — has imposed a similar mandate for children ages 12 and up. After an initial December deadline, the school district pushed back the start date to fall 2022 because 28,000 students had not complied.

Officials in California and New York have indicated the school mandate will expand to all ages once the shot is fully approved by federal agencies. The two-shot Pfizer vaccine, the only one available to children under 16, remains under emergency use for kids.

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