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Moderna Began Developing ‘Covid’ Fake Vaccine Weeks (make that years) Before First Fake Official Outbreak Recorded

Conservative and political commentator Glenn Beck recently revealed to Fox News host Tucker Carlson that the Covid-19 vaccine was already in development since December 2019, months before the United States felt the full effects of the pandemic and at least two weeks before China confirmed its first official outbreak of coronavirus.

Beck drew attention to the fact that gain-of-function research involving bat coronavirus samples began in the Wuhan Institute of Virology in China as early as 2015. It is a known fact that these experiments were being partly funded by White House Chief Medical Advisor Dr Anthony Fauci and other organisations that have links to the lab.

Beck added that his investigation revealed that around the time that the research began in 2015, Fauci’s National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Disease (NIAID) began a partnership with Moderna to create an mRNA vaccine against the coronaviruses being studied in the Wuhan lab.

Dr Ralph Baric, a professor of epidemiology at the Gillings School of Global Public Health in North Carolina, is leading the investigation. Records show that Baric worked with Dr Shi Zhengli, known as the “bat doctor,” for her extensive research into bats and bat-borne coronaviruses.

In 2018, Baric and Shi submitted a proposal to the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA), to conduct high-risk coronavirus research. Among the tasks, Baric, Shi and their colleagues wanted to do is to create more infectious clones of the coronaviruses, DARPA rejected this proposal.

Following the rejection, a year after the first coronavirus outbreak was recorded. According to documents smuggled out of China and obtained by Beck, the first outbreak occurred in October 1029, two months earlier than official reports claimed.

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