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PFIZER Whistleblower Melissa McAttee Discusses Vaccine Fraud With Nicholas Veniamin

Melissa McAttee is a Pfizer whistleblower who worked in quality control at the vaccine plant in McPherson, Kansas, overseeing the production line as a product inspector. Pfizer fired her after her October appearance on Project Veritas.

Melissa is an unassuming, practical, deeply Christian young woman from the Midwest who’s precise in her statements and who one may be surprised to see exhibits real leadership qualities.

Based on her own observations of the product and on the scientific analyses of doctors qualified to investigate this matter, she believes that 20% to 30% of the vials distributed contain toxic, deadly ingredients, including graphene oxide and the remainder contain an inert placebo.

She suspects that her plant was involved in producing the toxic vials, because all of the vials from her plant glowed blue with Luciferaseunder low light conditions. She believes that Luciferase is being added to the toxic vials in order to track the movement of the nefarious substances in the bodies of those unfortunate enough to receive the non-placebos.

She tells Nicholas Veniamin that that she has over 150 images from Pfizer’s database that she says “Would disturb anybody, even the coldest Atheist would probably be disturbed. I’m not withholding things for some power move or anything…I’m just trying to make sure that these documents are…legit, that they’re authentic, that they say what I believe they say…

“When I first found these documents, I needed them verified, because I felt crazy reading them…why are these things in their database and why do I feel like I’m in some horror movie now?..

“It’s crazy. These are crazy people! There are documents talking about Satan and Lucifer. There’s documents planning for mass death from this vaccine – and being OK with it.”

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