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Bar fined for serving un-fake-vaccinated patrons ‘uses the penalty notice as toilet paper’

A Queensland bar hit with a hefty fine for serving unvaccinated patrons in defiance of new state-wide restrictions has fired back at critics on social media.

Bar Wunder in Toowoomba in the state’s Darling Downs region has been slapped with a $6,892 fine after welcoming un-jabbed patrons into the venue.

A vaccine mandate introduced on December 18 bars the unvaccinated from entering hospitality and entertainment venues in Queensland. Patrons above the age of 16 can be asked for proof of vaccination and are required to check-in to venues for contact-tracing purposes.

Bar Wunder took to Facebook on Sunday night to give their side of the story, posting a not-so-subtle photo of the penalty notice being used as toilet paper.

It’s no secret that we are completely opposed to segregation and will continue to be. Forever,’ the image was captioned.

‘So last night we were issued with a lovely fine of $6892 because we accept everyone equally. We knew exactly what we were up against and still stand by our decisions, with zero regrets.  ‘We do not believe this a public health issue, but one of complete control headed towards tyranny. The nonsensical rules are hypocritical and arbitrary and we don’t want to play this game.’

The post went on to say many businesses had suffered because of the ‘weird arse’ rules and said the fine had done nothing to dampen their resolve. It concluded by using a quote from African-American civil rights activist Rosa Parks: ‘You must never be fearful of what you are doing when it is right’.

Several commenters voiced their dismay at the comparison in the comments.

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