Posted by Richard Willett - Memes and headline comments by David Icke Posted on 21 December 2021

French Fake Health Minister Admits Fake Vaccine Passports Are A ‘Disguised’ Fake Vaccine Mandate. Oh, thanks, mate, we hadn’t worked that out

The French Minister of Health has admitted that vaccine passports are a “disguised” form of mandatory vaccines, despite President Macron claiming vaccine mandates “will not be compulsory.”

In comments reported by French broadcaster La Chaîne Info, Olivier Véran revealed that the primary purpose of the country’s COVID pass scheme was to force the unvaccinated to cave in.

Véran said the vaxx pass “is a disguised form of vaccination obligation, but it’s more effective.”

“Preventing people from going to bars, restaurants, places that receive the public, if they are not vaccinated, is more effective than fining them €100 when caught in the street,” he said.

In other words, making life miserable for the unvaxxed is the best way of forcing them to get vaccinated.

The remarks make a mockery of Emmanuel Macron’s insistence that France would never impose mandatory jabs.

“I have said it, I will repeat it: the vaccine will not be compulsory,” said Macron. “Let us have confidence in our researchers and doctors. We are the land of the Enlightenment and of Pasteur, reason and science must guide us.”

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