Posted by Richard Willett - Memes and headline comments by David Icke Posted on 21 December 2021

Cult-front World Economic Forum using New Zealand as ‘guinea pig’ for AI slavery state

Over the past decade, artificial intelligence (AI) has emerged as the software engine that drives the Fourth Industrial Revolution, a technological force affecting all disciplines, economies and industries. AI-powered services are already being applied to create more personalized shopping experiences,

1 drive productivity

2 and increase farming efficiency. In the future, they will enable the rise of self-driving cars

3 and the large-scale access to precision medicine with appropriate data governance.

4 AI systems have been able to do so thanks to the exponential growth of human and machinegenerated data leveraged by powerful machine learning algorithms,

5 whose performance on a given task increases with labelled data.

This recent progress is remarkable in important respects, but also creates unique challenges. Indeed, without proper oversight, AI may replicate or even exacerbate

6 human bias and discrimination, cause potential job displacement

7 and lead to other unintended

8 consequences. This is particularly problematic when AI is deployed in high-stakes domains such as criminal justice,

9 healthcare,

10 banking

11 or employment.

DOWNLOAD PDF HERE: NZ WEF_Reimagining_Regulation_Age_AI_2020


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