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Canadian police officer suspended for refusing ‘Covid’ shot announces resignation at freedom rally

CALGARY, Alberta (LifeSiteNews) — A Calgary police officer who was suspended without pay for refusing the experimental COVID jab gave a powerful resignation speech at a pro-freedom rally this weekend.

On Saturday, 24-year Calgary Police Service (CPS) veteran Brian Denison announced his resignation from the force, after he was recently suspended without pay for refusing the experimental COVID jabs, and reported to the crowd that he has since resigned from his post because his superiors told him that he is not allowed to speak publicly about the coercion he is facing or the potential illegality surrounding the service’s vaccine policy.

“So, yesterday I got some really interesting news that I was being tyrannically muzzled by the police service. I was given direct orders, written, that I cannot speak to you. And also, that I cannot partake in anything online about the police service, or their COVID-19 policy, which is unlawful,” Denison informed the crowd.

“I decided I was going to sleep on that because that’s a direct order written from high up the ladder. So, I did, I slept on it. I gave it a good prayer to God about what’s going to happen. So, this morning, unfortunately, I turned in my resignation because I cannot abide by what they are doing,” added the former officer, whose statement was met with cheers and applause. “Their orders are wrong. This government’s orders are wrong. Do not listen to them.”

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