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Cult-Owned Liar Javid Says The Un-Fake-Vaccinated Are Having a ‘Damaging Impact’ On Society

In an interview with Sky News, Sajid Javid criticised the unvaccinated for “the damage they are doing to society” by not coming forward for the jab. The Health Secretary also mentioned that further Covid restrictions, including the imposition of a post-Christmas lockdown, are not off the cards, and that the Government “will do what is necessary”. Sky News has more.

When pushed on reports that ministers are drawing up plans to introduce more restrictions after Christmas, the Health Secretary told Sky News‘ Trevor Phillips on Sunday programme the Government will “do what is necessary”, but that any change must be “backed up by the data”.

He added that ministers are discussing the latest Covid data “almost on an hourly basis” with scientific advisers.

“We’ve shown in the past as Government in dealing with this pandemic that we will do what is necessary but it’s got to be backed up by the data,” the Health Secretary said when probed on any possible plans.

“We are watching the data and discussing it with our scientists and our best advisers almost on an hourly basis. And we will monitor that very carefully. We will keep the situation under review.”

Javid then reiterated that various factors, including vaccinations for Covid, mean “the situation today in terms of our defences is very different”.

He also confirmed that Parliament would be recalled if the Government believed introducing further restrictions was necessary adding that “it would have to be a decision for Parliament”…


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