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Desktop Alert Software: Everything You Need to Know

The memory of any person can sometimes weaken. Attention, especially during a busy working day, may be scattered. But when an alert pop-up appears in front of a person on the desktop, both memory and attention are turned on at the same time. A pop-up is an interface element that is suddenly displayed on top of a web page in a browser. Desktop alert software can be useful for anyone. But it is especially needed for the organization of a workflow at any kind of enterprise, business, public administration, etc.

Possibilities of Desktop Alert Software


Desktop alert software can be useful for fulfilling many tasks that consume too much time during the day. For example, a person can stop monitoring their email box regularly or peeking out the door waiting for customers. Director shouldn’t ask the secretary to call everyone and invite them to the meeting next week or find out if everyone went to work today. All essential information can be squeezed and presented before all the concerned employees instantly. In other words, desktop pop-up system works as your personal automated secretary. It will help to raise communication inside your organization to the next level. What notifications are commonly shown with the help of desktop alert software: 

  • Urgent email messages: short version of messages can include the name of the addressee, topic, and several lines of the message
  • Details on meetings such as exact time, location, and agenda
  • Urgent tasks and deadlines
  • New visitors or customers that are waiting for office staff
  • Career opportunities and product changes 
  • Activity of business partners in relation to the received messages: whether they opened an email, viewed submitted documents, replied, etc. With this function, employees will always know whether emailing would be enough for communication or it is better to call them

Special Features of Pop-Ups

  • possibility to block someone’s work on the computer until the message will be read. This option may include the necessity to confirm the grasping of the sense of message
  • possibility to schedule messages in order to show them on different occasions. You don’t need to post them permanently during the day. All necessary pop-ups except urgent ones could be prepared in advance
  • possibility to send video alerts
  • possibility to conduct surveys and polls in several minutes
  • possibility to send emergency notification to all employees in one click. This function is especially important in the age of computer crimes and hackers

Practical Steps to Making the Desktop Alert Software the Integral Part of Your Company Corporate Culture

 First, install DeskAlerts software on computers or mobile phones of all employees

  • Second, customize alerts and appoint different groups of recipients
  • Third, choose the template out of the rich library proposed by the software 
  • Fourth, create your special pop-up design playing with the size, text, color, and so on. You can use a sound system as well, but this option should be used with caution and rather reserved for emergency notifications.
  • Fifth, determine the conditions of displaying pop-ups such as time, pages, etc.

Also, it is necessary to remember that the form, color, and text of the pop-up shouldn’t bother employees. The shorter and simpler it will be, the easier for the staff it will be to comprehend its meaning. If you want others to do something, stick to the correct structure and use a clear call to action. It will be useful to develop branded pop-up windows. This function will facilitate the creation of a common identity and raise the corporate culture of employees.

Following all this advice, you will be able to set a clear channel of communication with all the staff. It will not be overburdened by spam, unnecessary remarks, etc. With Desktop Alert Software your communication with all personnel will become more effective, concise, bright, and clear.


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