Posted by Gareth Icke - memes and headline comments by David Icke Posted on 16 December 2021

An Email To Us…

So… it’s 2am nearly and my moms just been on the phone in tears…..
She has stage 4 blood cancer in partial remission and had agreed she wouldn’t have the booster. However because of the relentless propaganda on MSM in particular regarding cancer patients she became terrified she would be refused treatment if she did not comply. So she caved in and got the booster.
A week later she’s had a letter from the hospital saying because she is immuno compromised she also needs an extra 4th shot. She is refusing now and feels ashamed that she got bullied into the booster. However she is genuinely frightened out of her wits. She’s terrified of the vaccine passports and I think this will prove to be the downfall of this narrative, but to terrify people like this who are already facing a potentially terminal illness is an absolute disgrace.
Never did I ever think in my lifetime I’d witness pure evil.
You can share this because I’m beyond disgusted, and you know what? I was born for this and I’m ready to go and win.
Vaxxed or un-vaxxed it matters not now we come together as one.
Name supplied.

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