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Japan Places Warning on ‘Covid’ Fake Vaccines

While many countries are either voting and threatening to make vaccines mandatory, the UK being one of them, Japan allows individuals to choose whether to be injected with the experimental gene-therapies or not and also labels the vaccines with warnings.

Additives Warnings

Even the additives in the vaccines are highlighted in the vaccines available in Japan. Three Covid-19 gene-therapy treatments are currently offered, they include the Pfizer/BioNTech (Comirnaty) and Takeda’s Moderna formulation. Vaxzevria (formerly AstraZeneca) is also administered but only recommended to people 40-year-old and over.

The product descriptions of Pfizer and Moderna state that: “This product contains an additive that has never been used in a vaccine before,” and reference is also made to the new type of additive in the Vaxzevria injections and Pharmaceutical companies urge individuals to consult their doctors about the additive if they plan to be injected with it.

Informed Consent

This level of transparency came as a result of a meeting held by Japan’s Ministry of Health with a panel of experts on Saturday and concluded that a proposed warning of the risk of taking the vaccine was to be informed by printing “serious side effects” on the documents attached to them.

Not only will they now be warning of the potentially dangerous and deadly risks of the vaccine, but the country is also reinforcing its commitment to ensuring that all possible side effects are reported in its adverse event system.

The country is enforcing strict legal reporting requirements and hospitals are to report in detail any incidents involving individuals who have developed symptoms of side effects within 28 days after being vaccinated, according to the law.

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