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How to get a tarot card for quick guidance?

The art of card-based psychic reading is a practice steeped in mystery that has been traced back centuries. From prediction to introspection, fortune telling offers invaluable clues about any subject that piques our curiosity. How? ‘Or’ What ? It helps to create the right conditions to access your intuition. Drawing a single card for yourself is particularly useful when you are just starting out or when time is running out. Here is how to do it.

The benefits of a one-card draw

Familiarize yourself with the map

Reading only one tarot card at a time is ideal when starting tarot in general or when starting to use a new deck. This allows you to learn to know each card smoothly, to assimilate its information, to be able to quickly give free rein to his intuition. Why not write down the daily draw and the meaning of the card in a notebook? A little tedious at the start, very effective in the medium term in learning and remembering the meaning of each card.

Focus in depth on the intricacies of the card’s message

Drawing, color, symbol, numbers, position, orientation of characters and looks… Each card is rich in symbols and nuances. Pulling one at a time allows you to focus on the complex energies that emanate from each card and apprehend its subtle messages. It’s up to you to let the various themes of the map unfold, which will undoubtedly find an echo in your life.

Fast & efficient

When you have a simple question, quick decision making available to you, and you don’t know what to do, the single draw is ideal. It’s also the ultimate daily draw: a card drawn every morning to set the tone for the day!

How to make your own print?

Set your intention

First of all, take 2 minutes in peace to come to yourself. Whether it’s lighting a palo santo stick, or sage, or simply performing a scan of your body, a breathing exercise or meditation. Now is the time to reconnect with yourself, and invoke the force of your choice to guide you.

Ask your question and choose your card

Once ready to draw, ask your question (out loud or in your mind) by passing your hand over or squarely over the cards. When you feel it’s time to stop, choose the card that’s in your hand.


Turn the card over and place it on a flat surface. Above all, don’t look for another card if you don’t like it. The card comes out for a reason, although it might not be obvious to you at the time. You will surely link the link later.

What does the card evoke? Notice what comes to your mind spontaneously without intellectualizing and analyzing it just yet. Let your intuition guide you and make the possible links with the question asked.

What to ask from the card?

Simple or deep questions, it’s up to you to decide what you want at the moment and the lighting you can benefit from. Above all, no pressure for the result, let yourself be surprised by what you might understand with this draw.


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