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Blockchain Technology –Learn About Some Disadvantages Of Bitcoin Blockchain Technology!

Blockchain technology is the safest and unbreakable technology used for security purposes. Do you know why more and more people are investing in this digital currency? The answer is due to the security of the technology and its services. Blockchain technology is a promising technology, and there is no doubt. But, on the contrary, this technology has many disadvantages, and sometimes it can be unsuitable for the user. 

This technology is not immune to hackers. There are some attacks and hacking also happening against this technology. If you want to invest in bitcoin for getting the security of blockchain, you should learn about the risks first to quickly get an idea of investing in it or not. If you want to know about the disadvantages of this technology, then this article can assist you properly. Please have a look to know about it in brief. If you want to invest in bitcoin, then you can also make use of eco friendly bussiness for buying and selling coins. 

Introduction of blockchain technology 

Blockchain technology is a type of digital ledger which keeps the record of all the transactions made by the bitcoin cryptocurrency. This technology is connected to a whole network of computers known as nodes, and they keep transferring the data from one to another server. This technology offers the user a decentralized ledger to quickly check out or keep an eye on their digital tokens. No one can control this technology, and a single entity does not regulate it. Every bitcoin user can access this technology, and the only thing to access this technology is a good internet connection. It is immune to hackers and other cybercriminals, so there will be no compromise for security purposes. No one can hack your data or funds while making a transaction with someone. 

Drawbacks of blockchain technology 

We all know about the advantages of this technology, but there are so many drawbacks of block technology. In addition, there is a dark side of this technology, which we will discuss in the below-listed points. 

Issues of private keys 

If you are a new investor of bitcoin, you should know that blockchain technology is based on the private keys of individuals. The private keys allow users to make transactions and keep their coins safe. Every investor has their private keys, which permits the user to do their work operations. However, if you want to deal with another party, you need public keys. These keys are allotted as the address from which they can receive the payments from the other parties.

 But the main issue of this key is that if the user loses them, they cannot do anything the whole process will fail. The user will not be able to do the transaction, and the major one is their genuine money will be gone. So you should always keep in mind that if you want to trade with bitcoin, you should keep the keys safe and secured from others. The reason is if once they were lost, then your all investment will never come back. This one is the biggest drawback of blockchain technology.

Security risks and difficulty to modify the data 

It is always said that blockchain technology is immune to hackers and other cybercriminals, but it is not so confirmed. Still, this technology is not secure. The research resulted that this technology faces 51 per cent of attacks. If there are 51% attacks done on this technology, then one can control the whole system, which is horrible for the users. There are many attacks made on this technology, and the result is that the user loses all savings and investments. 

Still, this technology is not adequately secured by cyber-attacks, so if you want to adopt this technology, then you should do at your own risk. Furthermore, it is another drawback of blockchain technology, and that is, users can not modify the data or transactions made. If you want to modify the data, you have to rewrite all the codes and other formalities, which will take a lot of time. Another drawback is the transaction made by the user is irreversible, and it cannot come quickly. So if you want to adopt this technology, you should first research its history.     


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