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3 Tips to Look Out for When Installing a Door Screen Magnet

Investing in your home is one of the most important investments you can make in your lifetime. You can make a quality upgrade to your house by installing a retractable screen to your already installed doors. In the old days, these screens did not come with magnetic features. Instead, they were installed on the doors. However, modern inventions like the Flux Phenom Magnetic Screen Door offers to install screens with a magnetic component. The mesh used for screen magnets is easy to operate even if it is your first time handling them. Considering installing this hardware in your house puts you in a position to enjoy the benefits highlighted in the article below.


The installation process of the magnetic screens does not require tools like screws and fasteners. A bonus for you is that you do not even have to bother with drilling holes into the walls of your house. As their name suggests, magnetic screen doors utilize the power of magnets to latch onto your door frame. The magnetic feature of this hardware makes it convenient for you to put them in place and remove them anytime you wish. Such an option is appropriate if you live in a leased space and the landlord has not given the go-ahead to put a screen at the door.

Quality Air Flow

Ventilation systems of modern-day architecture ensure that buildings get quality aeration for the occupants. Nevertheless, the feeling of air flowing through your home is unique and efficient during hot days. Having fresh air circulate through your home becomes impossible if your door is closed. Magnetic screens ensure you get the quality fresh air flowing through your rooms without insects and other creatures walking in your home uninvited.

Allow the Entrance of Natural Light

When the door is locked, natural light will not enter. Having natural light penetrate your home will provide your house with a unique feeling from the quality illumination of the natural light. Rather than having bulbs and other light works in your house to get illumination, install a magnetic screen to keep natural light flowing into the house and giving quality ambiance. Using a magnetic screen to pass light into your room will save your costs on energy bills.


In some cases, you may have engaged hands, clean hands, or dirty hand hands that you do not want to touch your door. If your door is closed, avoiding touching them becomes impossible. The magnetic screen provides you with the convenience to pass through the entrance and exit without you touching your doors. They also offer simplicity when it comes to installing and using, plus they come at affordable prices. When getting yourself one, consider the size of your door. Buying an oversized or a small-sized screen will waste your money. Also, pay attention to the brands and purchase Flux Phenom Magnetic Screen Door from reputable dealers. Magnetic screens are the simple solution to have fresh air and light penetrate your home without letting small insects and animals into the house.


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