Posted by Richard Willett - Memes and headline comments by David Icke Posted on 12 December 2021

60 Tory MPs Vowed To Vote Against Fake Vaccine Passports

Here’s A Full List of Them & A Call To Action

There are now 60 Tory MPs who have been called the “Vaccine Rebels” who have vowed to vote against the Government bringing in vaccine passports.

The Spectator has reported that on Tuesday 14th December, next week, a vote will be held in Parliament on Johnson’s new COVID restrictions to tackle what they are calling the “Omicron variant”.

These restrictions will include vaccine passports for large gatherings, compulsory face masks in more places, and people being asked to work from home when they can.

However, the measure is not as popular with the MPs as the Tory government would perhaps expect. As when the health secretary Sajid Javid introduced the measures in the House of Commons this week he was greeted with jeers and calls for him to ‘resign’ from his own party members.

There is now a growing backbench rebellion against the government’s proposals, with several MPs publicly denouncing the winter restrictions, which they feel are a step too far in a society protected by what Boris Johnson once called the ‘huge wall of immunity from vaccines.


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