Posted by Gareth Icke - memes and headline comments by David Icke Posted on 10 December 2021

Message to all Australians

Letter of Concern to all Education Ministers
On January 10th kids from 5-11 years old will be given an experimental Pfizer drug (wrongly called a vaccine) with NO long-term safety studies against a disease which is most certainly NOT a heavy hitter amongst that cohort. Such a move, like the No-Jab, No Job policy, is unprecedented in Australian history.  It is why there will be over one million people protesting throughout Australia on Sunday, many of whom will have had the stab but who object to these egregious moves by the authorities.  
My family, and millions around Australia, have already been appalled that thousands of innocent, hard- working Australians have been summarily dismissed from their employment simply because they declined to accept a medical procedure. We are equally appalled that many Australians have just sat back and done nothing while their fellow-countryfolk have been, and still are being,  victimized.  Now the little kids are their next target. Innocent kids who should be protected by the adults. Tragically, our country is going down the toilet!
It is re-assuring to see that there are legal moves afoot trying to intercept this outrageous action by the medical profession, the government and the Education Departments.
The attached legal move by Peter Fam, Principal Lawyer – Human Rights, Maat’s Method offers some hope in these dark times.
If you feel strongly, you might want to send an email to these Ministers, whose emails are on the attached. One email can be sent to all of them. If we save one little life from paralysis, severe injury or death, it will have been a fruitful exercise.
Thanks Roc for forwarding this,
Greg and Dawn.

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