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Game Review: Farming Simulator 22

Simulator games are all the rage with a broad fan base that grows each day. This gaming genre allows you to try out real-life activities in a virtual environment. They help you get out of your world and create a new experience. Additionally, such games are good for education purposes.

A quick perusal of, you will find several simulator games. Among the ones with a favorable rating is Farming Simulator22. The game came out in late November 2021, and it has rave reviews in the gaming circles.

We will review this game to see how good it is and if it deserves a download.

Introduction to Farming Simulator 22

As the game’s name implies, it takes you to the farm, where you have to show your prowess. It is a simulation game, meaning you handle the assigned tasks the same way you would in real life.

It is one of the many yearly releases under the Farming Simulator series, and it promises you a wider array of features than its predecessors. So, what should you expect from this game?

Stick on as we see the main elements of this game to know what to expect.


Farming Simulator 22 is a product of GIANTS Software, a brand renowned for its high-quality creations. The gameplay is impressive, allowing you to get into the virtual world of farming. You can take part in several farming operations, divided into agriculture, forestry, and animal husbandry.

You pick the operation you want and select the right equipment to start your projects and bring them to their feet. Also, you choose your farming environment, between the Americas or Europe. You have a choice of three surroundings in the mentioned regions. Plus, there are seasonal cycles punctuated with production chains.

There are real farming vehicles in the game that you use for your operations. They come from popular brands, such as John Deere, Case IH, New Holland, and Massey Ferguson, among many more. The other thing to love about Farming Simulator 22 is the existent of several machines and tools, going up to 400.

Additionally, there are over 100 recognizable brands. If you are into farming, this game will give you an experience like no other.

Below are some of the equipment at your disposal.

  • Vehicles from brands like JCB, HARDI, ISEKI, and KRONE.
  • Harvester brands like Massey Ferguson, Kemper, and ROPA.
  • Equipment brands are AGCO, ALPEGO, AMAZON, and BRIRI.

Supported Platforms

Farm Simulator nails it when it comes to versatility as it supports several platforms. It is compatible with Windows, Apple, PS4, PSVITA, PS5, NINTENDO SWITCH, and XBOX ONE. Furthermore, there is a mobile version. It means regardless of the gaming hardware you have; you can still advance your progress on this simulator game.

Also, there is the multiplayer mode, which you can use for cooperative gaming. You can expand the game’s content by unlocking gaming bundles.

Multilingual Support

The game supports several languages, suitable when competing against other players or in cooperative farming. Supported languages are English, Spanish, Italian, Dutch, French, and Portuguese.

Who Should Download Farming Simulator 22?

Have you sampled Farming Simulator 22 yet? If not, you are missing a lot, especially if you love to create. When starting, you pick a project and the right environment and create from scratch. You will get the satisfaction when your work in the simulated field starts paying off and rake you some earnings.

You should get this game if you are into farming and want to have some fun in a familiar environment, minus the dirt, of course. Moreover, it is an excellent teaching tool for those interested in farming. Using it, you will know various farm equipment and popular brands.


  • Fantastic gameplay and graphics.
  • Supports various hardware platforms.
  • Allows for multiplayer mode, for co-farming.
  • A great educational tool.
  • Multilingual support.
  • Timely updates.


  • Some new features may confuse avid players of the Farming Simulator series.



Do you love farming and gaming? If the answer is yes, you have a great mash-up of your two interests in Farming Simulator 22. It is an exciting game where you practice your farming skills in simulation. It has plenty of unique features, as brought forward in this review.

If you want to play this recent release, visit to download it as you check out other games.

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