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Pro-Vaxxers Triggered After Country Music Legend Reveals He Won’t Get Vax

Austin, Texas-based country music legend Dale Watson triggered leftists with a Facebook post announcing he won’t play venues that require him to get vaccinated.

On Wednesday, the honky-tonk musician revealed he may forgo appearing on an upcoming country music boat cruise, and possibly other venues, due to his refusal to comply with Covid restrictions.

“I’m a man of beliefs and conviction and they are my own,” Watson wrote on Facebook. “I will not be on the Outlaw Cruise because of them. I also, I’m sure, will not be allowed in many venues because of them.”

The post features a photo of Watson standing beside a sign reading, “Not forcing you – just taking away everything until you consent.”

Watson went on to acknowledge he has “natural immunity,” suggesting he was opposed to a cruise-required Covid-19 vaccination.

“I will stay strong in the mainstream ridicule. Even when ‘friends’ would eagerly say ‘just do it.’ It’s sad. I’m a man that has complete natural (and better, according to most real studies) immunity, but that is never considered because there is no money to be made in Natural immunity. My beliefs. It does not have to be yours. I will take a test before every gig to insure everyone’s peace of mind, but that is not enough for this administration,” he wrote.

Indeed, the company that operates Outlaw Cruise’s seafaring vessel, Norwegian Cruise Lines, does impose a vaccine requirement, according to the Austin Chronicle, which noted the cruise line’s owner sued Florida officials after they banned businesses from being able to impose vaccine mandates.

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