Posted by Roger Mallett Posted on 6 December 2021

New variant of authoritarian measures to coerce COVID vaccination spreading across Europe

New COVID vaccination measures are considered more lethal to human rights and with little resistance, are spreading across Europe and beyond.

The year 2021 started with hope. After denying the effectiveness of early treatments in the fight against COVID, the medical establishment finally released a vaccine that most hoped would put an end to the temporary authoritarian policies enacted in most of the democratic countries across the world.

Over the months, new vaccine passes were issued ostensibly to help open up society from the damaging and ineffective lockdowns. These passes were required because it was claimed that the vaccinated were less of a threat to public health than the unvaccinated, this claim, along with the ethical concerns has been refuted by scientific researchscientists, and ethicists alike. As time went on it was clear that the vaccine passes were not for epidemiological reasons, but rather to encourage more vaccination. What used to be considered undo coercion (depriving people of participation in society) was accepted by most, and so it continued to include employment. Over the months, numerous companies and governments announced no jab, no job policies, and many were forced from their jobs.

Green passes and mass firings became the norm even as the virus became less lethal, the vaccine less effective, and the suspected damage associated with the vaccines more apparent. Now governments and medical establishments have reached a new level in coercing their population to inject the new vaccines. Austria, followed by Germany, announced lockdowns just for the unvaccinated, as mentioned above this has significant human rights and ethical problems that were ignored – even if it were effective in reducing the spread of COVID.

Germany and Austria, a duo eerily reminiscent of the dark days of Europe’s authoritarian past, Austria already announced that vaccination would be mandatory – and anyone who refused would be fined $4000 and Germany is still formulating its ban. This new variant of coercion is spreading rapidly throughout Europe and has already been approved in Greece with a fine of $114 per month for those who remain unvaccinated. The European Commission’s President openly suggested that Europe needs to consider a mandatory vaccination policy.

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