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Fight for Freedom – In 1941 it was their turn. In 2021 it is ours

Our job today is to be as articulate, as skilled, as masterful in the court of public opinion as the ATP world number 1 is on the court of lawn tennis. For the events unfolding in Australia before the eyes of the whole world are a seminal moment for the sport of tennis, for every professional tennis player on the tour and for a once great and free nation which is fighting valiantly to free itself from the grip of a tyranny every bit as dangerous as that which faced Europe before the start of WW2.

Australia was under no threat from Nazi Germany in 1939. But our loyal brothers down under gave their lives to buy us the freedom we now enjoy and have enjoyed for 76 years since their sacrifice was completed. A freedom to choose for ourselves, based upon our own individual sovereign judgement, what happens to our bodies.

By a concerned reader

Novak has not disclosed his vaccination status. But the New York Post reports that his father has stated that the world number 1 will not give in to ‘Vaccine blackmail‘, because he himself would not do that and Novak is his father’s son.

Now we see some of the class of the family which produced the 9 times Australian open champion.

So the Expose today calls upon every player on the ATP tour, and upon every tennis fan thinking of attending the Australian Open, and upon the ATP itself to take a stand either with Novak, with the Nuremberg Code and against vaccine apartheid or for the Neo Nazi Australian government – your papers pleeeze!

Novak has had Covid and recovered. So he has natural immunity, which is longer lasting more broad based, more effective and more reliable than vaccine immunity – for a full explanation of the difference between the two see here.

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