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Swedish Biohacker Advocates Use of Microchips to Record ‘Covid’ Fake Vaccination Status – this is where it has been leading all along as my books have exposed for decades

A Swedish biohacker and advocate for human augmentation is now promoting the use of microchips implanted just under the skin to monitor and record Covid-19 certificate status.

Hannes Sjöblad, co-founder of BioNyfiken, a Swedish association of biohackers, showed Swedish newspaper Aftonbladet how to pull up a digital Covid vaccine certificate by placing hi mobile phone against his forearm.

Sjöblad told the newspaper: “Get your COVID certificate in a chip in your hand or elsewhere under the skin. It is increasingly popular to insert a chip into the body with different types of information and now you can also insert your COVID certificate in the chip.”

He said that microchips can save personal information and other data such as contact information, blood type and health indicators.

The news outlet also reported that Olle Helkimo, a service manager at Epicenter Stockholm, getting a chip implanted into his hand at a restaurant table. He said that the implantation felt like “nothing at all.”

Sjöblad has been promoting a pushing people to get microchip implants as a form of ID access to personal devices like phones and computers. In 2016, he said that the implants can be used to sign payments, such as through Bitcoin. Although, he admitted that microchips are an easy-to-hack technology.

According to digital cultures researcher Moa Petersen, there have been around 6,000 people in Sweden who have inserted chips in their hands.

Petersen added that those with implants have stopped carrying vaccine passports, keys, ID cards and even train tickets.

However, opponents of the technology say that it could have frightening consequences.

Investigative reporter Edwin Black said: “This means that human behaviour can be trackable and controllable by the injector, and if that injector is a government or a corporation under the control of the government.

“We are turning a corner where the government will be able to wipe out a whole class of people based on their origin or opposition to policy.”

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