Posted by G.S. Luthra Posted on 3 December 2021

Woke Cancel Culture is the Biggest Joke of the Century

Censorship has wrecked havoc on many several famous personalities, but it’s reached a point where everyone is watching what they say or do which could potentiality be interpreted as offensive by the ‘woke’ community. The woke mafia’s complaints can cause someone to get fired, expelled, or lose career opportunities. Cancel culture is about shutting up great spirits, and those with a mind of their own. Subliminally is a soft version of psychological warfare. Mentally ill people are dictating what others can and cannot say in the name of fair treatment. Trying to have a conversation with the “woke” is a slippery slope, because just about anything you say may be potentially misinterpreted as racist or discriminating. Rational discussion is a complete waste of time since they are already set in their own ways and thinking. They just want to prove their false sense of superiority and belief system.

‘Woke’ people are anything but awake, and despite what their community believes, their goal is to destroy civilization even if they don’t realize it. What they propose essentially destroys the very fabric of the United States, and doing so will corrupt the country’s core leading to civil war. They are doing this through their following objectives:

Abolish Capitalism

Capitalism has its flaws, and it isn’t perfect. However, it was and is a wonderful departure from dictatorship, communism, socialism. Blaming capitalism for of America’s problems is not the answer. It’s the corruption of the corporations that has creating unfair monopolies in various industries with companies storing billions in offshore banks exploiting loopholes in the system. Fair capitalism allows for competition, support for small businesses, equal tax reductions, and less government control. Citizens have the ability to pursue wealth and the government should be there to support basic human needs and adequate education.

Canceling those with Different Opinions

Comedian Dave Chappelle was cancelled for this transgender jokes even though he’s made fun of other genders and races. Chappelle has millions of dollars so he can hold his ground and not submit, but most normal people are quick to bend backwards for the ‘woke’ mafia. Jordan Peterson, a professor at University of Toronto, has been harassed for years with some comparing him to Hitler, because of his views. Even former president Barack Obama acknowledged that canceling people with different views is unethical to democracy and not activism. Taking away someone’s ability to express an opposing view defeats the aim of changing people’s mind on things through discussion.


Claiming that not saying someone’s pronoun is offending is just as retarded as the idea of pronouns itself. No one can force another to use certain words in their presence. It’s trying to have a dictatorship of the English language. A person can choose not to use profanity, or any word if they wish, and no one should force them to do so.

De-fund Police

As we’re seeing in the US, the result of de-funding police and officers quitting has led to increased crime. Criminals are free to steal, murder, and rape without consequence, and this will lead to a world akin to what was depicted in the movie series John Wick.

Gender Neutrality

Protesting against labeling of people is one of the beliefs of the ‘woke’. This includes avoid calling a man a man, and a woman a woman. Some wish to be referred to as “they” or “it”. Assuming this continues, in the future, people will have trouble identifying who is male and female. And that’s what the corrupt government wants, to distort the human gender so much that you can’t even tell what the hell anybody is anymore. The dark side’s ideal human is an androgynous trans-humanist goof up whose gender cannot be biologically defined. Birth defects are a separate discussion, but the person’s biological gender would normally be determined by a medical doctor and other health professionals who look at the evidence such as their chromosomes to determine their sex. Treatment is then administered which may include surgery, hormones, and drugs. That is to be done by professionals, but the ‘woke’ seek to supersede them.

No Religion

God is being replaced with shamanism, mysticism, and a hybrid techno- spiritualism. Trans-humanism is advertising a superhuman lifestyle as shown in Hollywood movies, however the reality is unlike the promise. Mankind kind is spiritual and requires their soul to be nourished through the connection with nature, faith, and what we refer to as God through whatever religion or practice one believes. The ‘woke’ crowd has no right to tell us what to believe in nor push their hybrid mystical version of spirituality.

Social Justice

They protest to end racism and discrimination yet support domestic terrorist groups like Black Lives Matter who burn cities, beat up people, kill people, and orchestrate group violence against those of Color. They seek to demonize others while favor certain minorities creating more hatred and the very thing they seek to end – discrimination.


Woke People are Asleep

The world is treading on a fine line, and these people are part of the problem. Instead of canceling others’ opinions, beliefs, and lifestyle, they should engage in civil discourse. Protesting and rioting only verifies people’s original notion of them, and is a very poor way to get your point across. Americans don’t want to live in a world where everyone is walking on eggshells fearing of inadvertently offending someone. Forcing people to apologize, to constantly say “I’m sorry”, for not doing anything intentionally wrong is neutering the nation and will lead to a silenced population whom the government, along with corrupt corporations, can easily control.

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