Posted by Gareth Icke - memes and headline comments by David Icke Posted on 3 December 2021

Germany Imposes Strict Curbs On Un-fake-vaccinated, Limits Gatherings, and Will Mandate ‘Covid’ Shots

Confirming several days of rumors and speculation, moments ago Germany imposed stringent nationwide restrictions on people who aren’t vaccinated against Covid-19 and limited attendance at soccer games and other public events to check the latest surge in infections which naturally should not be happening as most of Germany is vaccinated and wearning masks. But let’s just keep doing more of what hasn’t worked.

According to Bloomberg, in one of her final acts as chancellor, Angela Merkel held talks with her incoming successor, Olaf Scholz, and Germany’s 16 regional premiers on Thursday, where they agreed on new curbs including allowing only people who are vaccinated or recovered into restaurants, theaters and non-essential stores.

“We are seeing something of an easing but at a level that’s far too high,” Merkel said in Berlin. “That’s why we needed to agree these measures today.”

The politicians also backed a plan to make Covid shots compulsory, saying that the lower house of parliament would vote on it soon.

A vaccine mandate is merely the latest flipflop from those in control and marks a major departure after Merkel and other officials insisted shots would be a personal choice. The soft tone may have contributed to Germany’s relatively tepid uptake, with less than 70% of the population fully inoculated. As a reminder, just a few months ago 60% was viewed as the herd immunity threshold. But with government drunks with power and desperate to extend their control, numbers are changing day by day.

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