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Authorities are manipulating death-rate figures because the actual rates show the Fully Fake Vaccinated are 286% more likely to die of ‘Covid’ (effects of the fake vaccines)

Age readjusted Scottish Death Rate figures from Public Health Scotland combine with age stratified English Infection Rate Figures from the UK Health Security Agency in a Grand Union to show that fully vaccinated over 30s are over 286% more likely to die of Covid-19 than unvaccinated over 30s.

We see 54 deaths and 28,711 cases from 1.6m unvaccinated Scots, and 442 deaths and 45,051 cases from 3.8m fully vaccinated Scots.

* Denotes data taken from the November 17th report in which PHS found 80,000 more Scots in total than they found a week later – which is a tragedy.

PHS should remove all those under 12 from the unvaccinated group because they are ineligible for vaccination and they do not die in significant numbers. But instead it leaves them in and then applies the terrible Age Standardised Mortality Rate formula, which we have seen, by comparison with ONS all cause mortality rates, skews the data in favour of vaccination considerably – see

So instead we use the government vaccination stats to remove the under 12s –

We then compare the Scottish figures from the 4 weeks from October 16th -November 12th for deaths and October 23rd – November 19th for cases, with the English figures for Weeks 42-45 (October 18th -November 14th) for deaths and Weeks 43-46 (October 25th – November 21st) for cases.

The English Death figures from Weeks 42-45 are 675 unvaccinated and 2,875 vaccinated-

Here are the English Case figures for Weeks 43-46, which is October 25th – November 21st from the UKHSA Vaccine Surveillance Report of Week 47 . We take the mid point as Nov 7th.

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