Posted by Gareth Icke - memes and headline comments by David Icke Posted on 29 November 2021

Switzerland voters hand their freedom to the Cult as government inner group can now impose what they like in ‘Covid’ restrictions

Even though I live in Florida, I follow several Telegram channels from  Switzerland to see what is happening there.

The Swiss voted today on a Covid law. The law would give the top government officials, the seven ministers who head up the government, unrestricted rights to mandate anything they like in regards to Covid for the next 10 years without restriction.

This information however was not publicized in the main stream media and also was not written on the ballots. Instead, the question on the ballot (I received one by mail and saw it myself) was if one wants the government be able to continue making payments to people for loss of salary due to Covid and subsidize businesses financially who are suffering because of Covid.

This law has nothing whatsoever to do with any financial assistance but it hoodwinked many people into voting yes. It is of course also possible that the election results were rigged. Most counties still count out the votes by hand, but who knows what happens to the results when they are transmitted to the central voting office?

Attached are the results in total as well as a list by cantons (states). The only two states to vote NO are the two most conservative states in Switzerland. In Basel, my former home town, a sign was found on the door of the Basel down town voting station which is the town hall building, that only people with a valid covid certificate and an ID may enter. The Covid certificate is a vax passport for vaxed people and those who have had covid. This is Swiss democracy now. They only let people vote who support the vax on a law that gives unrestricted power to the government to mandate vax……..


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