Posted by Roger Mallett Posted on 28 November 2021

The Normalization of Chaos

The decline of America and the West is beginning to accelerate and people have become almost numb to the madness all around them.

In Australia, the military is now being used to forcibly evict people from their homes and place them in internment camps, while Austria has become the first nation to mandate the experimental injections on almost every citizen, banning them from all public life if they refuse to concede to an endless regimen of gene-based shots, something many of us knew was the plan all along. How did we know? Because we listened to global predators like Bill Gates and Klaus Schwab. These predator billionaires always tell us their plans ahead of time.

Meanwhile, crime is raging out of control in American cities like Portland that were not previously known for high crime.

Everything we see playing out in Europe, Israel and Australia is planned for America. That’s why they need to sink this country into chaos in order to implement totalitarian policies that are more easily done in other countries that don’t have a Second Amendment or a strong history of rugged individualism. The below article by Christopher Wright is a clear-eyed view of reality, not the false reality presented in the corporate-owned media. I agree with Wright’s analysis, until he gets to his last paragraph. I do not believe the “social justice experiment” in law enforcement has been a failure. It is working exactly as it was designed to work, because the goal is to collapse America.

By Christopher Wright

It’s gotten very little publicity, but mass shoplifting continued in the San Francisco area for a third day in a row.  The latest incidents involve a jewellery store and a Lululemon, but other establishments hit by flash mobs include Nordstrom’sLouis Vuitton, and Burberry.  If you think this is normal, you’re out of your mind.  Don’t make the mistake of normalizing criminality.

Waukesha attacker Darrell Brooks was released on absurdly low bail despite having a lengthy criminal record.  Milwaukee County prosecutors admit their bail recommendation was “inappropriately low.”

There’s only one problem: Now five people are dead.  Soft-on-crime prosecutors who won’t prosecute is part of the reason crime, especially murder in Portland and elsewhere, is spinning out of control in various parts of the country.  The Milwaukee County DA is part of the new insanity that has gripped the criminal justice system, now refusing to prosecute six out of every ten felony charges requested by police.  These social justice prosecutors want you to think it’s normal to get rid of cash bail and abolish prisons entirely.

They’re not the only ones inviting you to think all this is normal.  The San Francisco Chronicle is asking residents if it’s time to “tolerate burglaries” instead of defending their homes against invasion.  Maybe the answer is ‘yes’ if you want to live in a city that’s becoming a drug store desert.  Walgreens closed five more stores there last month because crime is so out of control.

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