Posted by Roger Mallett Posted on 28 November 2021

Another bulletin from the Guardian Ministry of Misinformation

THE Guardian propagandists are back with another in their long series of divisive and discriminatory pieces.  

This time the anonymous diatribe against the unvaccinated comes supposedly from an NHS respiratory consultant, and not the usual pro-narrative parent exasperated by her misinformed peers’ attitudes toward child Covid-19 vaccination.

Let’s quickly run through the pro-authoritarian checklist.

‘Covid-19 has largely become a disease of the unvaccinated,’ begins the echo-chamber. ‘On our intensive care unit the patient population consists of a majority of fit, healthy, younger people unvaccinated by choice.’ Complete dismissal of UKHSA vaccine surveillance report data for weeks 42 to 45, showing cumulative totals in all age cohorts 18 years and above as: 81,589 Covid-19 cases in the unvaccinated versus 448,916 in the double-jabbed; 2,692 unvaccinated cases presenting to emergency care versus 6,233 double-jabbed presentations, and 771 unvaccinated deaths within 60 days of a positive specimen versus 3,419 double-jabbed deaths: tick.

‘Watching the mix of patients coming in with Covid [I thought there was no notable mix, doctor?] it feels to me like hardly anybody has been vaccinated nowadays.’ Complete bypass of current uptake statistics, showing 80.3 per cent of the UK population over 12 years of age as double-jabbed: tick.

‘This is because the people that have been vaccinated are getting on with their lives at home.’ The usual spurious attempt to promulgate the fancy that vaccination permits a return to normal life – that of continued hypochondriacal testing and mask usage regardless of vaccination status, and embargoes on visiting loved ones in care homes; repeated Government threats to cancel Christmas, and permitting Test and Trace to tell you when you can and can’t go outside; the lack of prompt NHS treatment for potentially fatal conditions, and the humiliation of encountering a business owner who does not accept one’s mask exemption; the normalisation of healthy people being afflicted by heart conditions coincidentally after vaccination, and the creeping expansion of both digitised medical apartheid and ‘no jab, no job’ policies: tick.

‘If everyone got vaccinated, hospitals would be under much less pressure; this is beyond debate. Your wait for your appointment would be shorter. Your ambulance would arrive sooner.’ Scapegoating the unvaccinated for the six million-deep NHS backlog regardless of it having been caused by multiple ineffectual lockdowns, frightened and lazy GPs, vaccine mandates, and the newly rebranded Covid-only NHS: tick.

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