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Yet another footballer collapses on pitch clutching his chest

FC Sheriff Tiraspol star Adama Traore had to receive medical treatment during his side’s Champions League encounter against Real Madrid having gone to ground clutching his chest.

FC Sheriff Tiraspol star Adama Traore went to ground clutching his chest in concerning scenes during Wednesday night’s Champions League encounter against Real Madrid.

The forward has caught the eye with his performances for the Moldovan champions in this year’s competition but had to receive urgent medical attention following the incident.

The 26-year-old had evaded a challenge from Madrid defender Nacho Fernandez as the ball went out of play, but as Traore turned away and began walking back onto the pitch, he suddenly clutched his chest and slumped to the ground.

He remained lying on the pitch for several seconds and even though he was visibly breathing, the Malian striker’s eyes were shut and he appeared to be in discomfort.

Fortunately, the incident occurred close to the touchline and the home side’s medical staff were able to attend to the player urgently.

Smelling salts were immediately placed below the player’s nose to maintain his consciousness, and whilst he was shaking his head in response – he continued to be inactive and not strongly reacting to the smells.

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