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Canadian Whistleblowers Expose 13 Stillborn Deaths in 24 Hours at Lions Gate Hospital Caused by ‘Covid’ Fake Vaccines

According to whistle-blowers, there is a mass genocide taking place due to the Covid-19 vaccines, which goes ignored by the mainstream media and governments around the world.

In British Columbia (BC), Canada, whistle-blowers came together at a rally to draw attention to this widespread problem, and to the revelation that some 13 stillborn deaths occurred in a single 24-hour period at Lions Gate Hospital.

All of the deaths occurred in babies born to fully vaccinated mothers, although, much of the public remains unaware that this happened. In response, Drs Mel Bruchet and Daniel Nagase, along with other concerned members of the public, converged to file a complaint in front of the Royal Canadian Mounted Police (RCMP) office in North Vancouver.

As the mainstream media is ignoring the story, Bruchet and Nagase are taking matters into their own hands by filing complaints with the RCMP against public health officials who are believed to be sweeping this all under the rug due to financial conflicts of interest and biases.

Bruchet told someone at the rally who was conducting interviews: “We’re on the side of God. We’re on the good side.”

In an interview at the rally, Bruchet also spoke about ivermectin, corrupt government officials who are preventing people from accessing it, and what he sees as the gradual breakdown of the official covid narrative, as many more people are beginning to learn the truth.

On the steps of the RCMP facility, Nagase explained that he would be entering to file individual complaints on behalf of everyone present as well as others.

Those present at the rally want to know if Provincial Health Officer Bonnie Henry and other health leaders are being paid off or have some other kind of financial interest in pushing the Covid-19 vaccination programme.

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