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Germany’s fascist Tourism Commissioner Says That Mandatory Fake Vaccination Is Imminent

Thomas Bareiss (pictured), Germany’s Tourism Commissioner, believes that the Government will soon introduce mandatory vaccination for all citizens in an attempt to quash a surge in Covid cases. A supporter of mandatory vaccination measures, Bareiss recently declared that it was the wrong decision not to have introduced the policy much earlier, and that “it is politically no longer justifiable” for the hospitality industry to “live in a state of crisis” while many members of the public “take the freedom not to vaccinate.” Sky News has the story.

Thomas Bareiss said the increasingly worsening situation in his nation makes it clear that sooner or later Covid inoculations will be compulsory and will be “unavoidable”.

He said it was wrong not to make Covid jabs mandatory from the start, but that the decision not to at the time was “understandable”.

Neighbouring Austria has said that vaccines will be mandatory from February 1st.

More restrictions are being introduced across the continent as infections soar and winter sets in.

Austria and the Netherlands have gone back into forms of lockdown, sparking unrest in the past few days.

Germany’s states are introducing restrictions as well, with some regions cancelling their Christmas markets or banning the sale of alcohol.

The nationwide seven-day rate of infections currently stands at 362.2 per 100,000 population, with the peak during last year’s lockdown being 197.6. A number of states have a much higher figure than the national average, including Saxony at 793.7.

Bariess, who is a member of Angela Merkel’s Christian Democratic Union, advises the Federal Government on their tourism policy.

He told the German news agency DPA: “In retrospect, it was wrong not to see that (compulsory vaccinations) right from the start. The hope at that time is understandable, but it was not realistic.

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