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Like a Biker? Get the Best Patch for your Jacket

Motorcycle jackets have been a part of our culture for years. From the 1920s to today, biker jackets have been a staple in fashion and style. Many different types of patches can be put onto these jackets, but what is the best type? In this article, we will talk about some of the most common types of patches you may find on a jacket and give some examples from each category.

  1. Leather Patches 

The leather patches for biker jackets are worn by both men and women who own a motorcycle or motorbike jacket. Leather is an extremely durable material, so it will last you for years to come when properly taken care of. This type of patch can be customized in different ways, such as adding your club’s logo, initials from your significant other, etc. They also go great with the natural look that many people prefer to have in their outfits today. You may purchase these types of patches in any clothing store and they aren’t very expensive either!

  1. Embroidered Patches

Embroidered patches are another type of patch for biker jackets that can be customized to fit your needs at TheCheapPlace – online patch shop. This is a more expensive option but you will have a much better-looking finished product in the end. The embroidering process involves sewing together multiple pieces on fabric with thread, which creates an intricate design that stands out from other types of patches. You may purchase these at any local clothing store as well and decorate them however you please!

For those who want something simple yet eye-catching, there are adhesive motorcycle stickers available too! These come pre-made so all you need to do is peel off their backings and apply them onto your jacket wherever desired! They work great for adding flair or logos onto denim biker jackets because they are so easy to put on.

  1. Sewn-on Patches

The best type of patch for bikers is the sewn-on patch because it will last you forever! It takes a little time to put on, but once placed onto your jacket properly, they are there to stay. These types of patches can also be customized with different designs and styles so that you may stand out from others within your club or community. What’s great about these patches too is that most come with pre-made patterns that make them very easy to sew together by hand using needle and thread (if needed). Overall, this option gives you an elegant look without having to break the bank either; making it one of our favorite options around here at! This company offers some unique items like motorcycle stickers as well, so check them out!

  1. Ironed-on Patches 

Ironed-on patches are a much cheaper option than the sewn-on patch. However, you must be very careful when ironing them onto your jacket because they can easily burn and ruin it! It’s best to use low heat on these types of patches as well so that they may retain their shape. You also have more freedom if choosing this type because there is no pre-made pattern for sewing together; which means you’re able to design whatever type of design or symbol you want without any limitations! 

  1. Velcro Patches 

The best type of patch for biker jackets is the velcro patches because they are extremely easy to put on and take off. You may even apply them to your jacket yourself! These types of stickers can be purchased in any local clothing store, but if you’re looking for a simple design that will last you forever, go with sewn-on or ironed-on patches instead. They also come pre-made so there’s no need to sew anything together either; allowing anyone to wear whatever symbol they want without being limited by previous designs. 

  1. Reflective Patches 

You may design your own by purchasing reflective patches online. These are super easy to sew onto any type of jacket because they come in the form of iron-on paper! The best part about these is that you can cut whatever shape or symbol out using scissors and then place it into an embroidery hoop for sewing purposes (for more complex designs). They work great on motorcycle jackets especially if you tend to ride at night; allowing other drivers behind you to see who you are!

  1. Swag Patches

There’s also another popular option called swag patches which just attach onto your biker jacket velcro instead! These come pre-made and ready to download onto your phone for ease of use. They also work great if you’re planning on selling your motorcycle jackets as well because they will advertise what’s inside!


There are many types of patches that can be purchased online depending upon the type of style you wish to have, so do some research before purchasing anything just yet! We hope this article helps those who want more knowledge about biker patch styles and designs too!!!


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