Posted by G.S. Luthra Posted on 21 November 2021

The Great American Push Back against Vaccine Mandates, Masks, and Censorship

In 2020, the world Americans knew was suddenly taken away. Jobs withered, small businesses closed, students were forced to learn virtually while living costs continued to skyrocket. The only two entities that seemed to benefit were corporations and the government. Gas prices went up, the dollar is floating in shallow waters, and the stability of the American economy is unknown for the remaining years of Biden’s term. What happens to The United States will affect the entire world, so if its currency gets devalued, you’re going to see a real fiasco not just in America, but all over the world. I would argue that everything depends on America, because it truly is the last remaining free country. The strength of its constitution is what is keeping the it together during these insane times. Thankfully, it is still holding up despite the high scale corruption.

The official narrative is corona virus is a pandemic, but people are realizing that it’s just a flu that’s been blown way out of proportion. Americans are weary of their government, and while they may want Trump back due to Biden’s goof ups, many are aware that the Trump family isn’t far off when in comes to the vaccine insanity.


This afternoon, I gratefully received my second dose of the COVID-19 vaccine. Getting fully vaccinated is the best way to end this pandemic and protect ourselves and one another.

Americans know that virtually every politician, much like corporations, are only interested in money and power. It doesn’t matter who gets voted in, because in the end the super mega rich family dynasties will make the laws.The circus continues just like it always has and sheep people will eat it all up just like they always do.

Americans Won’t be Silenced nor be Told What to Put in Their Bodies

Citizens want an end to this pandemic, so they can return to the normal life they want. Joe Biden however, is making that difficult by illogically pushing vaccine and booster mandates. But, more people are thinking for themselves and thanks to the tough confident independent lifestyle of America, many are not succumbing to vaccine mandates and are taking action to take care of their health. Disease can be spread via inhalation, but Americans are waking up to the fact of natural immunity being just as effective if not better than vaccination.

Physicians at the FLCCC Alliance have put together several protocols for the treatment of COVID that are available for free. They utilize affordable drugs like ivermectin with long safety records, antioxidants such as vitamin C, and herbs like turmeric.  Early Covid Care has compiled the literature on the noble prize winning FDA approved anti-parasitic drug, ivermectin and other drugs which have been either smeared or misrepresented by mainstream media. Doctors are also being outspoken about natural preventatives –

Foods like baked beans and ground beef contain zinc ionophores that open up the plasma membrane, and eating foods high in quercetin and epigallocatechin like dark leafy vegetables, fruits, and drinking green tea and oolong tea help the zinc enter the cell. Vitamin D deficiency is associated with increased risk of contracting COVID, and healthy levels can reduce risk by 50%. Another great risk factor is obesity, so shedding fat improves resistance.

Mainstream social media channels remove access from anyone who dares challenge the official narrative, thus taking their ability to speak or communicate. However, they’re being called out for the frauds that they are as Americans are not one to back down and allow this kind of fascism to take over. With life normalizing here thanks to the fighting spirit of The United States, the scare of corona should soon come to an end.

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