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Psychopath Gates telling you what his masters plan next – and his masters are the only explanation for why this man is (a) super rich and (b) not in a prison cell for life


GatesĀ (his mastersĀ via Gates) Gave $319 Million to Major Media Outlets, Documents Reveal

Up until his recent messy divorce, Bill Gates enjoyed something of a free pass in corporate media. Generally presented as a kindly nerd who wants to save the world, the Microsoft co-founder was even unironically christened ā€œSaint Billā€ by The Guardian.

While other billionairesā€™ media empires are relatively well known, the extent to which Gatesā€™s cash underwrites the modern media landscape is not. After sorting through over 30,000 individual grants, MintPress can reveal that the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation (BMGF) has made over $300 million worth of donations to fund media projects.

Recipients of this cash include many of Americaā€™s most important news outlets, including CNN, NBC, NPR, PBS and The Atlantic.

Gates also sponsors a myriad of influential foreign organizations, including the BBC, The Guardian, The Financial Times and The Daily Telegraph in the UK; prominent European newspapers such as Le Monde (France), Der Spiegel (Germany) and El PaĆ­s (Spain); as well as big global broadcasters like Al-Jazeera.

The Gates Foundation money going towards media programs has been split up into a number of sections, presented in descending numerical order, and includes a link to the relevant grant on the organizationā€™s website.

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