Posted by Richard Willett - Memes and headline comments by David Icke Posted on 17 November 2021

Fascist Council In ‘Woke’ (Fast Asleep) Totnes Bans Event Exposing Fake Vaccine Lies – and read this report by the ‘Totnes Times’ to see how the media is populated by uninformed compliant morons serving their masters by covering their arse. By the way, read the comments of ‘Town Mayor’ Ben Piper if you want a definition of moronic

A group of anti-vaxers who have been banned from holding a conference on council-owned premises, have been vilified for embracing the “violent language and actions of anti-semitism and white supremacy.”

The New World Alliance, formed in September by Dr Stephen Hopwood, booked the hall for its self-penned “truth conference” featuring speakers such as conspiracy theorist Garth Icke, and Patrick Henningsen, founder of UK Column News, which publishes false and misleading health information, including about Covid-19, says independent body Newsguard.

Also lined up were speakers from the World Doctors Alliance, an international pressure group which researchers say spreads false and conspiratorial claims about Covid-19; QAnon promoter, Shelley Tasker, who was accused by an NHS trust Cornwall of “spreading lies dangerous to people’s health;” and Anna de Buisseret – filmed ranting that vaccines are “murdering our children” outside an NHS centre.

A petition with 170 signatures called for the council to revoke its permission to hire one of the town’s “most respected public venues” to the group, which is “causing distress and division in our town,” it said.

In a joint statement, the town council and the Paige Adams Trust said they cancelled the booking following “multiple” complaints from residents.

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